We possess all the essentials of Business

Men, Material, Money, Marketing, Management & Motivation

Highly Sophisticated Manufacturing Facilities :

Ultra-modern plants have been used for its production with Sophisticated Machinery, Captive Power Generation, Pollution control equipment, In house testing facilities, Instrumentation laboratory, etc.

The laboratory is fully equipped for :

Physical & metallurgical testing, Micro-biological testing, Effective controls of process, Chemical testing, Stability Studies.

Transparency in Dealings :

Transparent & honest dealings, Ethics of business, Fair dealings, Corporate governance Fast communication


RPL is professionally managed by the Board of Directors who are assisted by a team of qualified and experienced professional executives.

The intelligence, imagination, knowledge, education and experience of the promoters create the mission for the organisation and it is the wisdom and effectiveness of the corporate personnel which translates their vision into reality and converts the resources into results.

The team sets limits to what can be attained, brings the plans into effectiveness and translate the actions into results. Our people understand their respective professional dimensions of work and the proper way to treat people who report to them.

The dynamic management comprises of professionals experts in their field and includes Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Postgraduates & Graduates in Management, Law and Marketing and highly qualified and experienced Technical Professional in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production and Engineering with proven caliber and capacity.

Our Team of People Work with

Dedication, Diligence, Devotion, Determination, Dynamism, Discipline & Direction.

We are thankful to God who has given us an opportunity to serve the humanity.


Over the last few years, we have been moving towards a profile that is much more international and formulation-driven.

RPL of tomorrow will have brands registered in major markets of the world, and in most markets, promoted by a high quality field force. In India, we expect to retain our position of market leadership in our key therapy areas, and reach leadership in newer therapy areas that we entered. In key international markets across Asia, South East Asia, Russia, China, the Middle East, and Africa we would be a strong speciality company with prescription driven sales. With a strong network and established company equity, we would be an excellent partner for a company seeking to license out products across markets.

In the high value markets we expect to become a respected company, with a portfolio comprising both of complex and simple-to-file products building an edge with technology and the cost advantage of vertical integration.

In line with our vision to be significant global player by 2020, RPL is fast emerging as a true Indian multinational. As part of our strategy, we have, joint ventures, strategic alliances, contract manufacturing.


To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. It is imperative to combine these three forces in an industry, where every drop of medicine and every capsule acts like a pivot tilting the pan balance of life in favour of fitness and well being.

We believe that every possibility harbours a reality and all we need is the vision to see it and the resolve to extract it. At RPL, we live this belief and strive to convert every possibility into a reality.

Realising the responsibility on the shoulders of each member of RPL, we endeavor to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers and thrust on discovery and development of New Chemical Entities.

As the human existence is challenged by incomprehensible diseases and ailments, we attempt to reach the core of scientific processes to unearth their remedy.

We are an organisation that combines scientific, financial, managerial and operational skills and resources to rejuvenate your life. As our research assets, business infrastructure and human capital integrates to flower a robust performance to provide an impetus to the Indian pharmaceutical industry as whole.

We are a company, which was cradled by the most arduous and sincere entrepreneur in the country, benefited with the support of the flourishing economy of the state and the presence of a diligent citizenry eager to attain success.

Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. The encouragement provided to build a highly skilled and creative research and development team, which is reinforced by the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our well-recognised market presence with a strong product portfolio, which is being marked up with newer brands. Streamlined and efficient manufacturing capabilities, which boosts of technical prowess, high quality production and cost effectiveness. Also a well monitored marketing and distribution network, which is aimed at attaining brand equity among our wide-reaching customer base.


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